Not just reared outdoors but truly Free Range.  Don't know the difference ?

Outdoor reared pork cannot be described as Free Range. It is reared throughout it's life in a pig pen that is partially open to the elements, hence "outdoor". These pigs cannot roam as Free Range Pigs do.

Our pigs are Free Range and Quality Assured. They enjoy fresh air, freedom and a natural, additive free diet throughout their lives.

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Our carefully developed style of husbandry and trained staff means we have unstressed, healthy pigs that are free to exercise and can get on to do what they do best - eat, sleep and dig! 

Our abattoir works closely with  us to minimize stress once the pigs leave the farm. Traditional breeds and our free range farming has lead to our success in producing delicious succulent pork.


(Currently unavailable due to CORVID-19). These provide an experience learning about how we produce our pork and give a truly "hands on experience" see;

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All our pork is stamped with the Scott Free Range logo
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