Scott Free Range Farm Diary

Farmer's Choice Visit

Customer Visit to find out more about our production. A beautiful sunny day, everybody followed around a bit like a school group ! Loads of questions and lots of answers and a very appreciative audience.

Storrington Conservation Society


Aimee & Richard talk to Storrington Conservation Society. This is a group of like-minded individuals who care very much for Storrington's environment and take practical action to improve it for both people and wildlife. 

1st sullington & Storrington Scout Group


Scout Visit to tour the farm and find about how we produce pork

Work Experience

13 March 2012
Tom is from Chichester College (Brinsbury Campus) and is spending a week with us gaining valuable work experience as part of his animal management course.

Work Experience

14 Feb 2012

This week we had another work experience student "Lucy" gaining experience for her career path in veterinary medicine. 

Open Day

29th August 2010

Our second Open Day was a great success with over 650 visitors, improving on last year. 

Cootham Pre-school visit

19 July 2010

Once again this year children from Cootham pre-school visited us to get close up to our piggies.
The children spent time in particular with the farrowing sows and sat on a real life size big red tractor!

Rotating the Finishers

25 September 2009, 04:06

We've now moved all our finisher pigs onto one of the grass leys we sowed last year. This includes a turf mix, used more for amenity type swards, with Red Fescue, Clover and Perennial Rye Grass as well. This should last a bit longer than the stubble crop we moved them onto last year. However, pigs are natural rooters and we have no intention of nose ringing them so it will be interesting to see how the grass fairs, on this sandy soil.

OPEN DAY  - "A great Success"

25 August 2009, 20:48

On Sunday 23rd August we held our first Open Day to give our butcher customers, local people and the public in general an opportunity to take a close look at what we do and to ask questions. In addition to the trailer rides where we had a chance to explain how we farmed the pigs, we had a hog roast and samples of bacon, ham, sausages and pork burgers to try. The fine weather helped make the day a great success with over 450 people attending both from the surrounding area and as far away as Ewell and Redhill. 

We would like to thank all of you who came to see us. Judging by the comments from the feed back sheets that many of you completed, the event was very much enjoyed with comments such as - "We learnt a great deal and support you, wishing you much success" - "Hoping we shall soon be able to purchase your product in Storrington"  from  Mr & Mrs Winning of Storrington. Others included "Most educational for our children" , "Delicious food" and "Happy Pigs".

May we apologise for the lack of interest shown by the competitors in the pig race - they were a bit hot. Perhaps a bit more training is required for another time !

We have started already thinking about what improvements we might make to next years open day. If you have any good ideas please forward them to us

Finally, a big thank you to all who helped us run the day making it a great success.

Cootham Pre-School Visit The Fram

09 July 2009

Today Cootham Pre-School visited the farm. A great time was had by all. That is the farmers, the children and the pigs. The weather was lovely and the children, once instructed, did calm and quiet so well that we thought of offering some of them a job.

For more pictures of the visit please click on the link below.
Cootham Visit Pics

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